Around Town: Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust's silent auction evening

By Linda Navarro Updated: December 15, 2017 at 5:13 pm • Published: December 13, 2017 0

It's a silent auction tradition to experience, as tables fill Norris-Penrose Event Center with choice items described on multiple pages.

The Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust's 21st anniversary celebration Nov. 16 lived up to all expectations.

A special addition was board member Ralph Cruz's wine pull table. Cork ornaments off the Christmas tree were traded for festive bags of wine.

Emcee Bill McAfee told guests that the Land Trust has helped 320 low-income families into home ownership. Working with nonprofit partners, it also has added 94 affordable rentals and 37 transitional housing units. The motto: "Building a strong community ... one home ... one neighborhood at a time!" Several homeowners serve on the board of directors.

Event committee members were Darla Ringstad, Ted Clark, Georgia DeVorss, Connie Miller, Priscilla Tankersley, Carol Solomon-Smith, Ralph Cruz, Beverly Guzman, Michael Podoyak and Karen Vanderwall.

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