AROUND TOWN: Tiny Head Start chairs an inspiration at CPCD's annual fundraising events

By Linda Navarro Updated: December 5, 2017 at 5:14 pm • Published: December 5, 2017 0

Tiny chartreuse chairs, "the bright beginning" for little ones who fit onto them, were unique table centerpieces at the annual children a head start Community Giving Events Nov. 15 at The Antlers hotel.

The Chair Project carried the stories of Head Start youngsters and was autographed by supporters sitting at the breakfast and cocktail-hour tables. After the fundraiser the chairs were delivered to top donors.

Tablemates shared the stories of smiling CPCD preschool youngsters like Riley, who's 3 1/2, likes cheese sandwiches, sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and likes to paint. The CPCD dancers were a delight, performing and sometime improvising their own individual moves.

Featured speakers, many in major grown-up careers, talked about their own special times at Head Start in their first little chairs.

Tyrone Johnson, completing his term as CPCD Board chair, went on stage and folded himself into a chair to read "You're Here for a Reason" to CPCD students gathered around. He laughed along with the audience as he was completely upstaged during the readings.

More than 900 attended the two events, 485 for breakfast and 430 for the after-work cocktail hour.

Donations topped $140,000. "The community definitely heard the call to support a little chair that creates a lifetime of success," said CPCD Director of Community Relations Marty Kemmer-Contreras. "The chair was the image of the learning environment provided by donors for the vulnerable children and families in our community." CPCD serves 1,800 children and families.

Andy Inman of People's Investment Professionals and Bobbie Moore from FirstBank had rallied those attending to "give little chairs to the 1 in 6 that live in poverty."

An invitation was given to "Get on the Bus" and tour the CPCD program in action. (

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