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David Ramsey has written sports columns for The Gazette for 10 years. He's visited all 50 states, and he's wise enough to realize Colorado is the best of those 50. He's a graduate of Denver South High School, Abilene Christian University and Syracuse University, where he earned a master's degree in American History in 2003. He's placed nine times in the national Asssociated Press Sports Editors (APSE) contest, including two first-place finishes. He's covered the Athens, Beijing and London Olympics for The Gazette. He's the father of Ruth, a Rampart High grad, and Luke and Caleb, both grads of Pikes Peak Christian. He's an avid cyclist. He hopes to climb Mount Massive this summer, but he says that every year. Gazette sports columnist David Ramsey brings you the personal side of sports along with his personal analysis.
  • David Ramsey: How can we stop the scourge of high school basketball mega-routs?

    Updated: 3 hr ago

    No one has devised a statistical meter for sportsmanship. We need one. A statistic for sportsmanship could eradicate our scourge of high school basketball slaughters. “Check this out!” a player could say to friends and family, “We’re so classy! So merciful! We might even win a...

  • David Ramsey: Oh, no, the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl

    Updated: 21 hr ago

    Patriots. Ugh. I wanted to take a Super Bowl vacation from the Patriots. You wanted to take a vacation from the Patriots. (OK, OK. I know there are three, maybe even four, Patriots fans in The Gazette’s reading area.) Oh, well. We’ll once again watch Bill Belichick scowling and...

  • David Ramsey: Case Keenum, the NFL's current big thing, struggled against Air Force

    Updated: Fri, Jan 19, 2018

    Jon Davis, Air Force football star, once watched Case Keenum from several feet away. On Sunday evening, Davis watched Keenum, Minnesota Vikings quarterback, from several hundred miles away. Davis was sitting with his girlfriend, Alexandra, at a Sacramento, Calif., restaurant,...

  • David Ramsey: Justin Armour, Manitou Springs High two-sport superstar, savors return to his beloved alma mater

    Updated: Fri, Jan 19, 2018

    Justin Armour once faced high school football defenders who hungered to inflict pain on the big star from Manitou Springs High. Later, he endured the terror of invading NFL defensive backfields as a receiver. Big challenges, for sure. Big challenges that toughened him for the...

  • David Ramsey: For Palmer Ridge's Ty Evans, a brutal college football reality awaits

    Updated: Tue, Jan 16, 2018

    College football teams place a wide assortment of running backs, tackles, linebackers, defensive backs and receivers on the field. Plenty of playing time beckons for a hungry, talented prospect. College football teams place one quarterback on the field, and his backups spend...

  • David Ramsey: A look at 20 years of sports at The Broadmoor World Arena

    Updated: Tue, Jan 16, 2018

    Elton John has played at The Broadmoor World Arena. And so have the Tigers, the Falcons, the Avalanche, the Nuggets and a wide assortment of bullriding cowboys. Here’s a look at 20 years of sports at World Arena. Colorado College and hockey: The Tigers moved from original...

  • David Ramsey: Here's how to prevent another Sierra 101, Mitchell 7 game

    Updated: Mon, Jan 15, 2018

    The goals are simple. A basketball team tries to score every trip downcourt and seeks to stop the opposition every time, too. But what happens when it all falls apart and a team scores on virtually every journey to the basket and stops the opposition nearly every time, too? What...

  • Mitchell High responds to 101-7 defeat to Sierra

    Updated: Mon, Jan 15, 2018

    Mitchell coach Cayla De George declined to discuss in detail her team’s 101-7 defeat to Sierra. “I don’t really want to get into that debate,” De George said of Sierra’s margin of victory. “The stuff that we control we didn’t do well, and I think that’s where my focus is. “We’re...

  • St. Mary's ambitious girls basketball team bombards Manitou Springs

    Updated: Fri, Jan 12, 2018

    A year ago, the St. Mary’s girls basketball team rolled to 3A’s elite eight. This season, the Pirates want even more. “Oh, yeah,” said sophomore point guard Josephine Howrey. “I’m very hungry for a state title.” On Friday night at Manitou Springs, St. Mary’s roared to a 57-39...

  • David Ramsey: Ashten Prechtel developing into bright basketball star at Discovery Canyon

    Updated: Thu, Jan 11, 2018

    A basketball star, a bright and lasting one, is starting to shine on the far north edge of Colorado Springs. Ashten Prechtel is a 6-foot-5 redhead junior for Discovery Canyon’s basketball team who towers over her teammates and her opponents and her coach. And, yes, over the sports...

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