El Paso County's 'Dragon Man' could be getting cable TV show

By Ellie Mulder Updated: August 12, 2017 at 6:22 pm • Published: August 11, 2017 0
photo - <p><strong>Dragon Man</strong></p>
<p>He&rsquo;s got tanks, bombs and guns &ndash; and no rules of engagement.</p>

Dragon Man

He’s got tanks, bombs and guns – and no rules of engagement.

El Paso County's "Dragon Man" could soon have his own television show.

Mel Bernstein initially announced Thursday on his Facebook page that the show, "Full Auto," will appear on the Discovery Channel. He later changed it to a "cable network."

"I got the official call today. The producers want to sign a contract to begin filming the pilot," Bernstein wrote. "I am very excited about this, and it's very rare I get excited!"

The show will consist of him demonstrating automatic firearms, driving military vehicles and describing the history of items in his possession. "Of course, my dragon motorcycle and hot rods will make appearances as well," he wrote.

Bernstein's 260-acre property east of Colorado Springs features a military museum, a shooting range, a paintball field, a dirt bike track, a firearms shop and a motorcycle machine shop, his Facebook page says.

Terry Flanell, Bernstein's wife, died in 2012 after she was hit by a smoke bomb that flew through the air like a rocket. It happened while they were filming what was supposed to be the promotional scene for a Discovery Channel reality show.

Bernstein sued the production company, but the case was dropped in federal court.


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