'Metal gods' Red Fang to play The Black Sheep

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With Big Jesus and Plastic Daggers, The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave., 7 p.m., Saturday; all ages; Tickets: $15-$17, blacksheeprocks.com or ticketfly.com

Others have called Red Fang "metal gods" (Nerdist), a "sludge/stoner band" (Glide Magazine) and "PBR-swilling stoner-metal hellcats" (Sacramento Bee).

Draw your own conclusions Saturday when the Portland, Ore.-based metal band plays The Black Sheep. The four-man band of Bryan Giles on guitar and vocals, Aaron Beam on bass and vocals, David Sullivan on lead guitar and John Sherman on drums has been together for a dozen years.

They kicked off a West Coast tour March 3 in support of their latest album, "Only Ghosts."

Red Fang bassist/singer Beam, 43, answered a few questions by phone from Portland. He spent his high school years in Fort Collins and played in a "sort of a grunge band" called Bloated Roaches (he's embarassed to admit that was the name) as a teen.

"It was then I discovered Led Zeppelin and Metallica - the two big influential bands," Beam said. "And then started getting into grunge: Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Nirvana."

Grunge drew him to Seattle and ultimately to Portland, where the future members of Red Fang were all in different bands.

"We all lived in Portland for various amounts of time and were all mutual admirers of each others' bands," Beam said.

By New Year's Eve of 2005 Red Fang was playing their first show.

Since then, constant touring has been the norm for Red Flag, whose sought-after sound has become more raw metal roar than stoner.

Beam described what it's like on stage night after night on tour: "It's pretty simple for me. For me, it's just about the energy. It's more about feeling good, to have a positive experience. It (the music) can be about sadness or darkness but what's important is that you're experiencing some sort of emotional connection. I concentrate on making sure I'm feeling good during the set."

Beam said he looks forward to tour dates that bring him back to Colorado - where his parents live - and to playing places like The Aggie in Fort Collins, where Red Fang will perform Friday before traveling to the Springs.

"I love Colorado a lot. I lived there age 12 through high school and my dad is from there, so it has the familiarity, the landscape, the mountains," Beam said. "Having grown up in Colorado and now having a bias toward Denver, I have to be honest: Colorado Springs is the most beautiful city in the state. With the rolling hills and green on the edge of town ... I like the setting of Colorado Springs a lot."

Other tour cities he's most looking forward to this go-round are Petaluma and Santa Cruz, Calif.

During his non-touring downtime, Beam said he tries to exercise as much as possible and spend time with his soon-to-be 8-year-old son.

"I like to get outside and go on adventures as much as possible," he said, sounding like a true Coloradan.

Something else: Don't miss Red Fang's "Predator"-themed video for "Shadows" off their new album.

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