Pikes Pick: Another release from legendary John Prine is on tap

By Seth Boster Published: March 13, 2018 0
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I'll be counting down the days to April 13. That's when John Prine will put out his first album since 2005, as folk's songwriting sage announced last month.

The announcement came with the release of "Summer's End," a teaser track from "The Tree of Forgiveness" - classic Prine. "Well you never know how far from home you're feelin' / Until you've watched the shadows cross the ceilin'," he sings, a line showcasing the man's gift to make the mundane mean something more. "When I Get to Heaven" is the record's last song title, suggesting the 71-year-old is thinking about what's next. At a live show last year, I got to thinking he might be immortal.

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