• Authorities say person of interest sought in small wildfire

    Updated: 4 hr ago

    FAIRPLAY, Colo. (AP) — Authorities say a wildfire that burned less than a square mile in Park County might have been started by recreational shooting, and they're looking for a person of interest. The U.S. Forest Service and the Park County Sheriff's Department said Monday they want...

  • AP Exclusive: Price tag of North Carolina's LGBT law: $3.76B

    Updated: 5 hr ago

    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Despite Republican assurances that North Carolina's "bathroom bill" isn't hurting the economy, the law limiting LGBT protections will cost the state more than $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years, according to an Associated Press analysis. Over the...

  • GOP House intel chairman met source on White House grounds

    EILEEN SULLIVAN, Associated Press
    Updated: 9 hr ago

    WASHINGTON — House intelligence chairman Devin Nunes met on the White House grounds with the source of the claim that communications involving President Donald Trump's associates were caught up in "incidental" surveillance, the congressman's spokesman said Monday. The meeting...

  • Bears Ear National Monument: Could its designation be overturned?

    By Joey Bunch ColoradoPolitics.com -
    Updated: 9 hr ago

    As the crow flies, the newly designated Bears Ears Monument is about 50 miles west of the Four Corners region. Concern for it and the precedent undoing its designation would set, however, strikes at the heart of the political left's passion for public lands. The Washington Post...

  • Colorado budget proposal cuts youth surveys on drugs, sex

    Updated: 9 hr ago

    DENVER (AP) — Colorado schoolchildren may not be asked about their drug use and sex habits in anonymous surveys anymore, under a bipartisan budget proposal moving through the Legislature. The budget draft introduced Monday cuts about $745,000 to end the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey....

  • Colorado protects marijuana use while patients await trial

    Updated: 10 hr ago

    DENVER (AP) — Marijuana use shouldn't be banned while people await trial. That's according to a bill that passed the Colorado Legislature Monday. The bill applies only to medical marijuana patients, not all defendants. But the bill forbids a court from saying that criminal defendants...

  • Colorado DHS pushes background checks for those working with at-risk adults

    By joey Bunch ColoradoPolitics.com -
    Updated: 11 hr ago

    The Colorado Department of Human Services is pushing for background checks on those who work directly with at-risk adults. Called the At-Risk Adult Protection Act, House Bill 1284 would require employers to check the state Adult Protective Services database for past offenses by job...

  • Coalition: Rural Colorado hospitals in jeopardy without change in funding

    By peter marcus ColoradoPolitics.com -peter.marcus@coloradopolitics.com
    Updated: 11 hr ago

    Dire funding news for the state's hospitals has left Republicans in rural Colorado pleading with the legislature to restructure the Hospital Provider Fee, despite ideological beliefs. It is a thorny issue that pits conservatives in the legislature against fellow Republicans in rural...

  • Dems force 1-week delay on panel vote on Supreme Court pick

    MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press
    Updated: 11 hr ago

    WASHINGTON — Democrats have forced a one-week delay for the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee. Judge Neil Gorsuch is still on track for confirmation, with solid backing from the Republican majority. Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley...

  • Insights: Former Homeland Security chief calls mailboxes a gateway for drugs

    By JOEY BUNCH ColoradoPolitics.com -
    Updated: 15 hr ago

    The government probably would rather I didn't tell you this, and maybe I shouldn't. But former Penn. Gov. Tom Ridge, the nation's first Homeland Security secretary, told me this in my kitchen. In my book that gives me clearance. I was on the phone with him when Ridge said the...

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