• Four nuns form a band, and yes, it's called Force of Habit

    By Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post -
    Updated: Fri, May 5, 2017

    WASHINGTON - One Saturday afternoon last month, a band gathered to jam at the Dominican House of Studies, not far from the Catholic University of America. The drummer, a Dominican friar, counted them down. Brother Brad Elliott, dressed in a habit behind his drum kit, was joined by...

  • Trump signs order aimed at allowing churches to engage in more political activity

    By John Wagner and Sarah Pulliam Bailey, The Washington Post
    Updated: Thu, May 4, 2017

    President Trump on Thursday said he would direct the Internal Revenue Service to relax enforcement of rules barring tax-exempt churches from participating in politics as part of a much-anticipated executive order on religious liberties. The order — which Trump formally unveiled in a...

  • Russian prosecutors seek 3½ years for 'Pokemon Go' blogger

    Associated Press
    Updated: Sun, Apr 30, 2017

    MOSCOW  — Russian prosecutors requested a 3½ year prison sentence Friday for a blogger charged with inciting religious hatred for playing "Pokemon Go" in a church. Prosecutors made the request as the trial of Ruslan Sokolovsky, 22, wrapped up in the city of Yekaterinburg. A...

  • Parishioners survive tornado inside church 'by the grace of God'

    By Gisela Crespo, CNN
    Updated: Sun, Apr 30, 2017

    (CNN) Parishioners say it's a miracle that no one was harmed when a deadly tornado hit a Texas church on Saturday night. About 45 people had gathered to honor high school graduates at the parish hall of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Emory, a town outside of Dallas,...

  • Colorado Springs churches throw open doors to performing arts groups

    By Jennifer Mulson jen.mulson@gazette.com -
    Updated: Sun, Apr 30, 2017

    It's a case of the chicken or the egg: Which came first? The performing arts group or the stage on which it performs? And would there be one without the other? Fortunately most arts organizations won't have to find out due to the surfeit of nonsecular establishments in the Pikes...

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