• Dining review: Sonterra Grill serves up much more than street food

    By ROBIN INTEMANN robin.intemann@gazette.com -
    Updated: Wed, Dec 13, 2017

    When a menu has enchiladas, tacos and guacamole, it's a pretty sure bet you're in a Mexican restaurant. But not at Sonterra Grill in Colorado Springs. Yes, Mexican classics are offered at this lively downtown restaurant, but so are entrees that typically don't share the same bill of...

  • Dining review: Striking it rich at Chinese restaurant near Colorado Springs

    By Robin Intemann robin.intemann@gazette.com -
    Updated: Wed, Dec 6, 2017

    Not all Chinese restaurants are created equal, and the proof is in the po po platter at Coal Mine Dragon in Fountain. The Asian equivalent of tapas combines savory with sweet, creamy with crunchy for a blend of textures and tastes. In some restaurants, the assortment is known as a...

  • Dining review: A taste of Tibet and more at Sherpa Garden in Colorado Springs

    By JL Fields jl.fields@gazette.com -
    Updated: Wed, Nov 29, 2017

    Tibetan prayer flags flapping in the wind caught my eye on a recent drive down Colorado Avenue. The waving colorful cloth over a quaint front yard with tables and chairs was a welcome sign: Another eatery has opened in Old Colorado Springs. Sherpa Garden Restaurant and Bar does...

  • Walter's 303 Pizzeria and Publik House: Popular but not perfect

    By Robin Intemann robin.intemann@gazette.com -
    Updated: Wed, Nov 22, 2017

    Here's the 411 on the 303. Once upon a time, this was the area code for all of Colorado, not just the Mile High City and its environs. This is the intended reference at Walter's 303 Pizzeria and Publik House - even the one in Colorado Springs. According to its website, there is no...

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