Take 10: Blue Moll Band is ready to make beautiful music for you

By Eric Singer Updated: May 19, 2017 at 5:55 pm • Published: May 18, 2017 0

A Friday Take 10 live performance on our Gazette Facebook page that you won't forget is coming your way on May 19th during the noon hour.

The Blue Moll Band will be here in our downtown Gazette studio to tantalize your musical tastebuds.

Molly Boyles is the lead vocalist. You'd think the group is named after her, but nope, moll is a term used in the 1930s for a gangster's female companion. Boyles she just thought the term was cool and everyone in the group agreed and gave a thumbs-up. The Blue Moll Band just recently got together, but the musicians, including Molly, have been playing for decades. Boyles says the group sound is heavily influenced by pop, rhythm and blues, soul and old '70s funk, "I wanted to produce songs that I wanted to hear. I go back and forth with my songs and lyrics to put together a musical way to express a message and connect to someone about how you feel."

Boyles describes herself as "passionate and driven." Molly's musical chops are genetic. Her father was a musician in the '70s. He played Colorado Springs lounges and gave his daughter a bass guitar when she was 13. That guitar was the igniter for Molly for her to intensely learn that instrument and begin her journey to learn and play other instruments with the same vigor.

The Blue Moll Band has a good chemistry that you will see on our live Take 10 performance, Friday May 19th on the Gazette Facebook page. Boyles will be joined by Roger Anderson on drums, Rob Beardsley on bass guitar (who also sings backup) and Shelley Small, who plays keyboard and sings backup.

If you are a performer, musician, magician, poet, playwright, comic or whatever you do to wow crowds in a live way, I'd like to hear from you to book you on a future Take 10 performance. You can email me at eric.singer@gazette.com to show off your stuff during the next live Take 10 performance on our Gazette Facebook page. The Gazette supports the arts, and this is just one way we walk the walk and talk the talk to make sure that you see and hear live southern Colorado entertainment.

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