Take 10: Colorado Springs' guitarist John Mylant

By Eric Singer Updated: April 21, 2017 at 12:28 pm • Published: April 20, 2017 0

A recipe for feel-good music with a Colorado message sprinkled liberally into the mix is on tap for a fun Take 10 live performance on Friday in the noon hour on the Gazette Facebook page. Acoustic rhythm guitar player John Mylant is the featured performer. Mylant told me he's been on a musical mission for 25 years. Mylant went to Malone College, now Malone University, in Canton, Ohio. He wanted to play acoustic guitar so he bought a friend's instrument, initially taught himself to play and then took lessons. He's been hooked on music ever since.

Mylant says the themes of his songs are subjects he knows well and is passionate about, Colorado and Colorado Springs. One of his musicial musings is about Colorado Springs in the summer with a lyric that includes, "Blue skies, sitting on my porch, glad to be alive, good times." Mylant believes his musical philosophy is, "Upbeat, but I don't just mean the music, it's also the spirit of the music. It's a combo that you will watch and listen to that is folk, country and acoustic with a feel-good message to it."

Take 10 is live on Friday during the noon hour on the Gazette Facebook page.

If you are interested in performing on future live Take 10 performances, email me at eric.singer@gazette.com. Musicians, magicians, jugglers, comics, playwrights, poets or anyone who can show off their talents in a live venue are welcome. The Gazette wants to promote local talent online, all the time.

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