Take 10: Comedian Chris 'Crazy Legs' Fonseca wants to make you laugh

By Eric Singer Updated: August 18, 2017 at 3:41 pm • Published: August 17, 2017 0
photo - Comedian Chris Fonseca back stage with comedian, Adam Sandler
Comedian Chris Fonseca back stage with comedian, Adam Sandler

A comedian who has been honing his skills for 34 years is our featured performer for Friday, Aug. 18, live Take 10 on our Gazette News Facebook platform during the noon hour. Chris "Crazy Legs" Fonseca has been performing all over the country, and his home base has been Colorado Springs.

Fonseca has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He got the nickname "Crazy Legs" when he was using a walker and his nephew would tease him with that moniker. "Little did my family know that I would make a career in comedy as 'Crazy Legs.' I got the last laugh."

The key moment onstage, Fonseca said, was, "To have people see me as a comedian, not a person in a wheelchair. I hope they get genuine entertainment value. If they get anything beyond that, like seeing me as an inspiration, that's just icing on the cake."

Fonseca is open to talk about his life and how he has overcome physical obstacles. He said he was born with cerebral palsy "because my mother died giving birth to me. The lack of oxygen caused the problem. In my case, it affected my speech and movement."

Fonseca said he initially wanted to be a teacher when he was growing up in Fort Morgan. In college, he thought of pursuing a career as a journalist or DJ so he could be funny on the air or in print. Fonseca says when he graduated college, he turned to comedy and hasn't looked back since.

Fonseca's career tapestry includes acting on "Baywatch" in an episode that dealt with the disabled community's lack of access to the beach and being featured on the American Comedy Awards.

"There were famous comedians like George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield and the cast of Seinfeld in the audience. I knew that I arrived in my craft when I got to tell them jokes. It was the most intimidating crowd to perform for and the most gratifying."

Fonseca says his brand of comedy deals with his everyday life, which includes his disability. He also proudly points out that he is a father of five, which gives him fuel for his comedy. He says he does touch on current events but doesn't pretend to be a political scholar.

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